Hello World

Salve!* I’m Amelia. I work in video games but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Since my day job revolves more around managing projects and meeting deadlines, I decided to start a blog to explore writing about topics I don’t get a chance to cover professionally.

This blog is a bit of a reboot for me. I’ve spent the last nine years writing for my day job under NDA, so it feels like ages since I’ve done some personal, creative writing online.

I therefore have a couple caveats for you, dear reader, namely that it’s been ages since I’ve done my own editing, so expect a wanton use of commas, some typos, and some odd sentences (I’m a dusty old Classics student at heart, and Greek and Latin sentence structure doesn’t always translate well to English).

As to what this blog is about: it’s going to be a little bit about everything I have on my mind these days, from food to books to bugs to plants to travel to video games.

This blog is also an exercise for me: to reacquaint myself with personal and creative writing, something I’ve put on hold for years as I explored what it’s like to work in a video games studio, working on licensed IP.

Expect random snippets of writing, from blog posts to the odd fiction story, ranting about things, and some photography.

Thanks for reading, and welcome!

* Salve is imperative of the Latin verb salveo. When used as an interjection, it means greetings, hail, or welcome. It’s also the greeting my Latin teacher would always use before starting class. This blog is not a class, but welcome, just the same!

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