A Word About Sora and the Farav

Sora and the Farav is a self-delegated serialized writing project, to ease myself back into creative writing that isn’t for anyone else’s IP. Currently, I don’t know how long the story will be, but I’ll be telling it in small pieces, approximately the length of a single writing session, plus an editing and rewrite session or two.

I am not a great self-editor. There will be typos. Commas will roam freely through my prose. There may be some split infinitives. I’ll probably be posting these “Fiction: Sora and the Farav Part n” updates sporadically. All of this is an experiment.

CW: This post is also an official content warning that the story is going to get a bit darker than its first installment. There will be talk of death, dystopia, parasitism, classism, and hunting rabbit-like creatures for food over the next couple of installments. Later, there may be more things I write about which merit content warnings. I’ll do my best to keep you well informed ahead of time.

Thanks for reading!

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